7 Things to Remember Before Buying a Flat in Bangalore

flat in bangalore



Bangalore attracts many people because it is one of the most well-known tech hub in India because it is well connected with many MNC companies, Startups, Public & private sector Industries.

Planning to buy a new flat in Bangalore for sale? It will take a lot of time for the final decision because it involving in major factors like a property price, house loan, document verification, possession date, Along with check the below-mentioned parameters before you are investing in your dream home.

Here are the 7 most important factors you need to consider before buying a flat in Bangalore.

1.Make a perfect budget plan: 

A budget plan plays a major role to invest in buying a dream home. In Bangalore, the cost of living was too high so, make a perfect budget plan by considering all your expenses such as health care, children’s education, bike or car loan and other daily needs.

2.Identify the right location: 

Before buying a flat in Bangalore, check if that location is easy to access to your work location, schools, hospitals and has good transport facilities or not. Because it will take a lot of time to reach your destination due to heavy traffic conditions. So, make sure to find the right location for you and your family members safety.

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3.Legal check of property:

Examine all the legal documents such as the No-objection certificate,  building plan, allotment letter, possession letter, completion certificate and occupancy certificate before you buy a flat/ apartment in Bangalore or any other place too.

4. Carpet area of flat:

Don’t forget to verify the carpet area of your 2bhk or 3bhk flat in Bangalore or any other cities because most of the builders can provide built-up area details thus 30-40% more than the carpet area of your flat.

Let’s see the difference between carpet area and built-up area

What is a built-up area?

The built-up area is the area that is covered by carpet area along with internal and external walls.

What is a carpet area?

Carpet area means the area excluding the walls of your flat.

5. Quality of construction:

Checking the construction quality is the most important factor to avoid frequent repairs and maintenance. Because of home buyers busy schedule, they are ignoring to check the construction quality before they moving to a new apartment or a flat. 

If you are investing in an under-construction project, visit your site and check the quality of building materials such as soil, concrete mix, paint and plastering quality, the thickness of walls and ensure safety features for you and your family safety and security.

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6. Infrastructure plans:

Before buying gated community flats in Bangalore, check out what are basic infrastructure services they are providing like water supply & power supply system and other luxurious amenities such as gym, playground & park, swimming pool, car parking areas and other extracurricular activities for kids.

7. RERA Registered:

RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Act thus helps to provide security to the buyers from unfair builders. 

According to the RERA Act, homebuyers can withdraw their project in case of any defect or fault in the construction. Apart from this, real estate agents or developers need to give updated information about their project for future decision making.

Final thoughts:

Buying a flat is a crucial decision so be careful before you are investing and make sure to do it properly and follow the above mentioned key checklist for your safety and security.



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