Complete Guide to Purchase A Home For The First-Time Buyer

home buyers guide



Buying a home is everyone’s dream. Here is the guide for the first time buyer

The Budget:

Keeping the budget in mind, stick to one amount in your mind. As you can pay it regularly on EMI or the other means of home loan. Check whether you can get a loan according to your credit score. After finalizing the amount & the loan format come to the requirements of your home. Location of your home should be near to the workplace, the area should be peaceful, it should have educational institutions, malls for relaxing.

Size Of The Home:

Coming to the size of the home whether you want to buy 2bhk or 3bhk this should be done in the first step while fixing the budget. This factor can only be figured out according to your family’s requirements. Or you have some personalized specifications in regards to the living room size or master room size or the size of the balcony, etc.

Never forget to check the floor plan of your home. It should also have the most facilities and functionality that every apartment does. Verify if they have gone through every aspect of Vastu.


Amenities include a gym, meditation, yoga, a kid’s play area, outdoor games, indoor games, jogging track, landscapes, etc. Every builder or developer will provide amenities and it depends on your way of lifestyle what you are expecting from them. Security is the foremost thing for everybody to check whether they have CCTV, telecom services for every individual apartment.

Handover Time:

After verifying all the amenities, floor plans, size of the home, and other essential points, don’t forget to know about the possession date. As you require a ready-to-move home or you are okay with the under-construction phase. If you already have a rented place or an own house and have some time for your accommodation then purchasing 2&3 BHK flats will be a better choice. If you are running short on time and money by spending too much on your rented home then the Ready-to-move flats for sale be a perfect fit. In our opinion, it is better to take a completed home with all benefits. If you take the home in the constructed phase make sure it has a RERA registration & other documents.

How To Find A Good Home:

If you can’t find a house for yourself go for the agents, search on social media about the construction company, go to their website & check for other details. Once you are okay with the information given on the website or any other sources then go for the site to check for further amenities. On the other side, you already know that if you hire an agent you should spend money on them. Maximum try to find a home for yourself.

Property Partners:

If you didn’t find the price on their website kindly check the property websites like magic bricks, 99acres,, etc as they give the price of the particular home comparatively with others. On these websites, you can know the price of all construction companies.

Exploration To New Beginnings:

Buyers can have a choice of renovating the home for themselves if they don’t like the design.  You can design as you like for your dream home.

Once everything was done on the amenities size design check on the

  •  Tiles
  • Flooring
  • Foundation
  • Concrete walls
  • Drainage 
  • Waterproof terrace
  • Electric appliances
  • Good ventilation


Finally, take your own time, make the right decision on buying your dream home, manage all the expenses, take it in your budget, figure out all the financial issues, seal it on a perfect date.

At Desai Developers, we have a luxury lifestyle redefining every inch of the architecture offering all types of quality amenities with the perfect possession date not letting down the customer’s expectations & dedicated to building better communities.



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